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Présentation de la ressource en auto-formation Botany. Architectural Analysis autoévaluation, cours / présentation, étude de cas, questionnaire
Botany. Architectural Analysis
Auteur(s) : Sabatier Sylvie, Carraglio Yves, Jaeger Marc
Description : Using the identification of several morphological criteria and considering the plant as a whole, from germination to death, architectural analysis is essentially a detailed, multilevel, comprehensive and dynamic approach to plant development. Completed by precise morphological observations and a ...
Présentation de la ressource en auto-formation GreenLab courses cours / présentation, étude de cas, exercice
GreenLab courses
Auteur(s) : de Reffye Philippe, Motisi Natacha, Jaeger Marc
Description : GreenLab is a mathematical dynamic model aiming to model and simulate plant structure establishment and production. It differs from computational models by the fact that both development and functional processes are described by equations. The model therefore quantifies structure (the number of ...